Things to do and see

There are so many things to do in the Yorkshire Dales we'd need a huge website to describe it all, but here are a few of the closest attractions:


Malham CoveMalham Cove

We are just a few hundred yards away from probably the most famous landmark in the Yorkshire Dales, Malham Cove. This natural wonder and the limestone pavements that surround it have featured in several movies, most recently Harry Potter. The huge limestone amphitheatre is always worth a visit with spectacular views, especially from the top once you've climbed the limestone stairway. It's a must for climbers and walkers and be sure to keep an eye out for the resident Peregrine Falcons.





Gordale ScarGordale Scar

The inspiration for Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings, this atmospheric gorge is a natural wonder all year round. Whether it's to see the huge icicles that form in winter, watch people climb the waterfall in the summer or just sit back and marvel at the power of nature, every visit is different and always worthwhile. 





 Janets FossJanet's Foss

An enchanting waterfall just outside the village where in times gone by the local Faerie Queen, Janet (or Jennet) lived in a cave behind the fall. "Foss" from the old Norse word for "waterfall" or "force". Sheep farmers also use the pool beneath the falls to wash sheep before shearing. A wooded valley surrounds Gordale Beck and is covered wall to wall in summer with wild garlic.

This eventually opens to fields leading back to the village and alongwith the Cove and the Scar completes a wonderful circular walk.


Malham Tarn

2 miles above the village is the highest lake in England. The Tarn is now a nature reserve and home to a rich variety of wetland birds, animals and plants. Whether cycling or walking it's another fascinating visit for all the family.